Council of Co-Owners of ESJ Towers Condominium

About Us

ESJ Towers Condominium Homeowners’ Association is an unincorporated juridical entity formed under the Puerto Rico Horizontal Property Act (Act 104 of June 25, 1958) and through Deed Number 8 of February 21, 1975 (the “Master Deed”) with respect to the condominium known as ESJ Towers, which is located on 6165 Ave. Isla Verde, Carolina, PR 00979 and which is recorded in Parcel 16909 in Section 101 of Carolina Section of the Puerto Rico Property Registry.


The Council is composed of all the owners of all units or premises interests in the ESJ Towers Condominium. It includes the owners of all of the intervals in all of the units in the ESJ Towers Condominium ("Deeded Vacation Owners" or VOs) and the owners of the entire interest in a unit ("Full Owners" or FOs).