Council of Co-Owners of ESJ Towers Condominium

Council of Co-Owners of

ESJ Towers Condominium

This is the official webpage of the Council of Co-Owners of ESJ Towers Condominium (the Homeowners' Association or HOA of ESJ Towers Condominium). Members of the Council of Co-Owners includes the owners of unit interests (the "Full Owners" or FOs) and the owners of premises interests who have the deeded right to use a unit during a specific interval of time (the "Deeded Vacation Owners" o VOs).

If you are interested in purchasing a Unit or Interval in the ESJ Towers Condominium, be sure to request a certificate of debt from the Council of Co-Owners to verify wither the Unit or Interval has a debt. If you acquire a unit o interval that owes maintenance dues, assessments, special assessments, insurance premiums, taxes, late fees or other charges, then you shall be responsible for paying the debt that the purchased Unit o Interval owes to the Council of Co-Owners. See Article 60 of the current PR Condominium Act (Act 129 of 2020).

Each Owner has an obligation to keep its contact information current and to notify the Council of Co-Owners when a unit or interval is purchased or sold. See Article 37 of the current PR Condominium Act (Act 129 of 2020). Therefore, we urge al owners to immediately notify any change in contact information or ownership.

Notice of Extraordinary Meeting (March 12, 2024) to Approve Proposed Agreement with Attenure and Settlement Proposal from Unit 872

Dear Owners,

The Board of Directors requests that the Council approve Attenure’s new proposal and authorize the Board to enter into an agreement with Attenure, as outlined in the attached stipulation titled Agreement to Authorize Attenure to Negotiate and Litigate the Insurance Claim Against Chubb Insurance Company of Puerto Rico and to Ratify Assignment Documents, as amended herein. In addition, the current owners of Unit 872 have offered to immediately pay $40,000 in full satisfaction of the past due maintenance fees and insurance assessments of $61,500. In accordance with Article 54 of the Condominium Law, the Council of Co-Owners must approve or reject any settlement for an amount that exceeds $5,000. Since the offer exceeds $5,000, the Board is submitting the offer to the Council for approval or rejection in compliance with Article 54. For additional information, please see the Notice of Extraordinary Meeting, proxy and the Attenure Agreement which can be downloadad by clicking on the links below:


Attenure's Proposed Agreement

Your presence is kindly urged so that your vote on these matters may be counted.
Thank you,
Chana Cohen
Board of Directors